Grand Lodge of New York


On January 23, 1781, in New York City, a meeting of representatives of six Lodges (numbers 169, 441, 133, 210, Solomon's, and Sions) convened for the purpose of forming a Provincial Grand Lodge.  This was held at the invitation of Lodge 169, which had moved from Boston to New York in 1776, along with the British forces.

The six Lodges, which had been warranted by the "Ancient" Grand Lodge in London, petitioned to become a legal Provincial Grand Lodge with the Rev. William Walter as Grand Master.

On September 5, 1781, in London, the Duke of Atholl, Grand Master of the Ancient Grand Lodge, signed the Provincial Grand Lodge Warrant also known as the Atholl Charter.  In December 1782, the Atholl Warrant finally arrived from London.

The first meeting was held on December 5, 1782 in Roubalet's Assembly Hall in New York City with Rev. William Walter presiding as Grand Master.  Grand Master Walter continued in office until September 19, 1783 and was replaced by M:. W:. William Cock.  The following February, Grand Master Cock was replaced by Robert R. Livingston, who was Chancellor of the State.  M:. W:. Livingston was the first patriot to lead the Grand Lodge.

Among the early Governors of New York who also served as Grand Master of Masons in the state include: Robert R. Livingston, Morgan Lewis, Daniel D.  Tompkins, DeWitt Clinton, and Stephen Van Rensselaer.

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